Links and Likes

Clothe yourself in love for it has a unique look and aroma, and everyone can smell it…and everyone can wear it well!

These links and likes will lead you to some things I either like or think are totally worthwhile!

I will add to this often.

Podcast Messages by Lorna:

Jump, Join, Judge or Jesus

The Danger of Control

Seeking the Father’s Treasures

AM/FM: Tuning in to the Truth

Behave Like You Believe


DNA (Do Not Access)

The “end” Times

How Were Your Eyes Opened


❤Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
❤Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
❤Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman
❤Til Death Do Us Part by Mike and Patti Paschall

Products and Services:
❤Tinkle Eyebrow Razors
❤The sun is no good for your skin, but sometimes an outfit just looks better with a little color, so what’s a girl to do? Call Kim Smith at 254-715-8188
☀️ She is the best…and I love her sweet spirit!


❤As much as I love writing, Jimmy loves football and mentoring. Check out his site. It’s a work in progress.

❤2016 Rhett Revolution Kickoff Rally and Community Day of Service

❤2017 Rhett Revolution 2.0 Kickoff

❤2016 Rhett’s Stocking Challenge

❤July 2017 Spacex Honors Rhett

❤️ August 14, 2017 The Launch