Meet the “L”

I am the “L” of JLRRM.

I love family, friends, good books, children, hot baths, hammocks, silence, naps, sports, laughter, creme brûlée, words, surprises and shoes. ❤

These things don’t define me, but they do put a smile on my face. I think that’s important. We are not robots; I am a firm believer in “find what you love” and get after it! After all, God created us to like and enjoy certain things.                                     
You should see me eat some creme brûlée. 🙃

I wrestle daily to be authentic and really evaluate where I am in terms of strengths and weaknesses. I have plenty of both…we all do!  The key is to be willing to seek Jesus through studying His word, prayer, and godly traveling companions. This trio is essential for fertilizing your spiritual growth.

The truth is, you are either growing or dying. I say, let’s grow together!

Meet me in the confessional:

Ugh…okay, okay, okay. I haven’t been totally honest about all the things I love. Actually, my mom is the one who called me on the carpet about this oversight.😬

So, here it is…take it easy on me:

I love the taste of ice cold beer. 🍺 I said it. I own it. It’s the whole truth!